Choosing Dog Treats

19 Oct

Many dog owners love to spoil their canine friends once in a while with a special treat. But, there are several different types of treats for one to choose from that it becomes difficult for you to select the best treatment.  You might not know which treats are safe and which ones are not.  This article offers you with a guide to choosing the best dog treat at for your dog.

Consider the Ingredients

Checking the ingredients used in a dog treat is probably the most important thing that you can do.  Do not overlook the components just because it is a treat.  Treats play a significant role in most dog's diets.   You will want to look for an organic dog treat; such treats are made with natural or organic ingredients. Ensure that you buy treats that are made with whole grains like oats or brown rice and single source proteins like beef or chicken.  Make sure that the ingredients do not contain sugar or fat as they are not suitable for your dog's health.   Also, be keen to look out for the word "by-product" such as chicken by-product.  A by-product is part of the animal that is not fit for human consumption. You will find out that many dog treats have such by-products included in them, but you need to figure out if they are not fit for your consumption then they are not suitable for your dog.

Also, in addition to a single source protein and whole grains, buy treats containing oxidant rich vegetables like spinach, kelp, or beans. Vegetables, in general, are right for your dog and you can even find treats for the vegetarian dog.  You can also look out for other ingredients like omega 3 for a healthy skin and coat as vitamins A and E for healthy eyes and skin. To know more ideas on how to choose the right dog treats, just check out

The Amount of Calories

Another thing to consider is the calories of the treat.  If you feed your dog with fatty treats then you will end up with an overweight dog that will cost you much regarding the vet bills.  But the good news is that most healthy dog treats take into account the level of dog counts and thus the reason for most treats being low in fat and calories, click here to know more!


The texture is something that is worth considering regardless of the fact that the calorie count and ingredients play the most significant role.  A treat that is more firm is much better for the dental health of your pet than a soft one. By chewing on a hard treat, dogs can reduce the plaque build up around their teeth.

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